Artistic approach

My approach to my art is born from a desire to portray the beauty both in the people of South Africa and in the wilds of South Africa. Both of these areas are filled with contrasts and rather than pulling apart her contrasts, I wish to celebrate them with a deep sense of respect and humility.

I strive to portray the inner narrative of a country rather than simply reproducing its features.
After some contemplation it became clear to me that the inner narrative of my subject is, by its very nature, exclusive of the viewer and the conversation is an inner one. If I can in any way effect a positive change in that inner narrative regarding the people of this country, one viewer at a time, my job as a commentating artists will have been of some good.

My approach, therefore is from a desire to describe an ethos through a subject rather than simply the subject itself. Because of this, the subject is portrayed in a rather realistic style of painting but is often tempered with large brush strokes, particularly in the contextual settings. The aim here is to attract the viewer’s attention to the parts of the painting that are relevant to the ethos.

An important part of the process is painting subjects that have directly influenced me and have impacted me from having had a personal experience with that subject. My camera is as much a tool as is my paint brush, although my camera skills leave a lot to be desired, it does afford me the opportunity to explore my subject and then return to my studio and produce a painting that strives to have a voice.

At all times I am mindful of producing a technically sound product and am committed to best painting practices providing a quality painting for collectors who resonate with the work.