About me

South African Heritage Artist

My art took me into a career in graphic design and kept me there for half a lifetime, producing some designs most people would recognise on the supermarket shelves, but I did not neglect my fine art.
In that time I worked in many media from traditional oil on canvas to the not-so-traditional on glaze porcelain in which I achieved many accolades including “Best On Show” in two consecutive annual national exhibitions and one 1st place in the advanced category of the national porcelain painting exhibition 2001.

I also achieved both a 5th and 6th category place awards in the
American Art Awards 2015, an Award of Excellence Artavita 2017 and 3rd and 2x 4th category place awards in the American art awards 2017.

Charcoal is a well-loved medium of mine, dominating my work for a while after I laid down my porcelain brushes and returned to drawing and oil work which started my discovery of my artist flair as a child.

My artistic style is naturally fairly realistic but I have developed my own contemporary fingerprint through years of study and a strong desire to grow in my oil work. My realism is evident still amid my more contemporary style, and I feel I have managed to develop a merging of the two in a way that is quite my own.

In more recent works I have begun to explore more deeply the effects and placement of light and atmospheric influence. My work has also begun to explore more philosophical concepts beyond the narrative.
As a South African, the influence of the country’s racial history and tensions are beginning to show in my work, despite my strong resistance to the sentiment. I do try to celebrate racial difference in an attempt to dispel preconceptions and fears.

I teach fine art from my Durban studio and also online by way of webinars and Skype calls. My Facebook and YouTube channel, both entitled Epic Art, are extensions of my online Epic Art Academy.
I have two daughters who both show artistic flair in vastly different areas from my own, and a husband who is a self confessed ‘non-artist’.